Breakfast at La Grenouillère






There’s a very special restaurant in northern France, a few miles inland, in a bright green valley on the river Canche. The food is outstanding and dinner there is a wonderful thing but so is breakfast.


Baskets of food are brought to the wooden hut rooms in the grounds, packed with flasks of coffee and hot chocolate, the ever best brioche, jam, butter etc etc. Oh and also rice pudding!


Eating this breakfast outside, watching the misty valley slowly come to life the morning after a brilliant Alexandre Gauthier meal, is very, very good indeed.


– Fuji Provia 400x / Nikon FM2 / May 2013 –


The Set Table

20_CB_The_Set_Table28_CB_The_Set_Table 30_CB_The_Set_Table 22_CB_The_Set_Table  17_CB_The_Set_Table

Some of my favourites from The Set Table: The Art of Small Gatherings that I shot for the brilliant author Hannah Shuckburgh and was published in 2013. What a fantastic project it was to work on; real tables, with real meals in real homes. And all shot on film! The objects we use during meals and the interaction around tables are some of my favourite things to shoot and this book brought all of that together.





It seems like canelés are having a bit of a moment. They used to be tricky to track down in London but not any more. This is a GOOD THING. Another good thing is Molly’s comprehensive and fascinating article on The Cannelés of Bordeaux in The Art of Eating.


– Top and middle: Kodak Portra 400 / London 2015 –
– Bottom: Fuji Pro 400 / Paris 2009 –


Coming soon to London




It’s that time of year when Brits get all excited about longer days, warmer weather and actually seeing the sun, then realise that it’s still pretty cold and only March which means it could snow at any minute. The prospect of outdoor swimming does, however seem a little bit closer.

New site, new blog


It’s been a long time coming but I’m really happy that my new portfolio website (and blog!) is now live. I have loads of photos from my archive to share…stay tuned.